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Multiple Computer Issue

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Multiple Computer Issue

My issue is but also not related to Multiple computer.
here was my setup:
toon 1-3 was on Main Laptop
toon 4-5 was on Secondary Laptop

this worked perfectly, but I didn't want to have to carry to laptop, So I added more ram to Main Laptop (64gb) and now I can ran all 5 toons without any slowing issues, but I do have a problem. For some reason the isboxer still believe that I have 2 computer even thought I have delete the computer, I basically unistalled the both Isboxer and innerspace and re-did the instalation and used the basic setup. All the toons can follow and use their abilities the issue is with the assist, they only have for their group like 1-3 will assist a command If I use one of those toons, and toons from 4-5 will assist only If I used one of those toons.

Any possible solution other than reinstall the whole PC and start from Scratch? (I have been thinking about that, it would probably be faster, but I'm too lazy and i want to find a real solution too)


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Re: Multiple Computer Issue

If you redid the profile, then there is no explanation really.

If you are using the same profile, but modified to a separate character set, not set to run on multiple computers it still doesn't make sense, unless you have the previous character sets still in existence or it is in the macros in the macro helper and the mapped keys. In any case, if this is still your previous profile, then we'd need to see the config to see where the issue is. viewtopic.php?f=22&t=13

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