Post Thu Sep 19, 2019 1:02 pm

Multi PC over Internet

Anyone who can help??

I have a Question regarding Multi PC.

Me and a friend both do multi Boxing and want to help each other leveling our teams etc.

But we wanna do this from 2 different places.

We have our network setup with ""

100% Working VPN network, we have an IP and can ping each other from command promt but we cant see each other on ISboxer Toolkit.

If we manually type in the ip it still wont find the other computer, all ports have been open on our routers etc. firewall also.

Im not sure if Isboxer toolkit looks at only our Network card IP number but it looks like 192.168.x.x Our IP over internet are like 25.44.x.x

We can share files see each others pc's but problem is the Isboxer software.

Are there any possibility to get around this problem ?

Our can we only do this on Local network?
Only thing is that we atm have 2 local network through our external VPN servers.

Hope someone can help us out.

It does with and laptop that I have setup on my 192.168.x.x network (Works like a charm) but we would like to be able to play from each others places, with 20 men over the internet.

We both have large internet connections with all ports open.

Thanks for all help given.