Post Mon Sep 03, 2018 3:37 pm

More than three windows on each computer issue

This is a longstanding issue that is a bit annoying and hoping that it can be fixed. The issue is that when using more than three windows on separate computers and turning on mouse repeat to right click and adjust the screen view, all of the other computers than the main one will have a random window not move. The screen view must be adjusted manually for the one window that didn't move. Example upon logging into Everquest and adjusting the screen so that you see forward but slightly downward on all windows, there is one window on each computer that won't move once mouse repeat is turned on and right click of the mouse is done to move the screen around. This issue has happened since I've been using ISBoxer several years ago. I just never got around to reporting it because I would manually adjust the window that wouldn't move to match all of the other windows on that computer.

This issue is easily repeatable as it happens every time the game is launched, mouse repeat turned on and right click to move the window view with four or more windows on more than one computer. This issue doesn't happen on the main computer nor when only three screens or less are configured in the window layout for the other computers. This issue only happens on all but the main computer and when four or more screens are configured in window layout. The screen that doesn't move appears to be random and is not the same on all computers. The issue happens with Innerspace for Everquest and believe it happens in other games as well.