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How do i box Multi-PCs?

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Re: How do i box Multi-PCs?

Well, i did what you said, and sure as expected, works perfectly :D you are awesome Lax, keep up the awesome work =-)

Now i just have to figure out how to work repeater and i'm pretty much golden haha (i haven't actually gotten around to trying it yet, will be interesting, sounds like an awesome utility for using 3 pc's for logging in and clicking objects in the world for quests and stuff on the other 2 pcs :D)


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Re: How do i box Multi-PCs?

So to add an extra layer of complexity to this. (havent tried yet but just putting the feelers out) what if the second "pc" is a vm a mac running parallels?


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Re: How do i box Multi-PCs?

I am having a tough time setting up 2 accounts on pc2. I have norton and add exception to ports 10101-10102 incoming and outgoing on both main pc and 2nd pc. The control panel on main pc says connection to 2nd pc on port 10101 failed. I confirmed the name of 2nd pc in config is setup as pc name SECOND-PC. When I go to 2nd pc's properties, the name there is second-pc I have changed the name so as to be case sensitive with no success.

Any ides? my config was too large to post on pastebin.


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Re: How do i box Multi-PCs?

Lax's post on the first page pretty much covers it.

You could also do some other stuff, like a netstat -a | find "10101" and make sure the port is listening, it is actually innerspace that is doing the listening on this port. You could use some other tool too, like TCPView, and tends to be easier to understand than netstat output.

You could also use telnet from the first computer and make sure that connect the port 10101 on the second computer. This is not installed on Windows by default anymore, so you would need to enable it. If you cannot then that can be for a variety of reasons, but presumably both your computers can see each other in the Windows network view?

You could fill in the machines local ipv4 address rather than use the dns name.

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