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2 PC's Video Feed Not Going to Main

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2 PC's Video Feed Not Going to Main

I've done the setup for multiple pc's https://isboxer.com/wiki/HOWTO:Use_ISBoxer_With_Multiple_Computers many times with no success. All I want are two accounts and two pcs, the main pc I want to see the video feed from the slave and allow switching. When I launch, the main pc launches both accounts... and the slave launches the 2nd account "also" like its supposed to. I can not see the feed from the slave on my main. Now the main has both accounts running on it "and" the slave also has the second account running... I've spent hours and hours trying to get this to work. Any direction would be appreciated.


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Post Sat May 23, 2020 9:44 am

Re: 2 PC's Video Feed Not Going to Main

It launches what you tell it.

If the main PC is launching two accounts, chances are that character set has two slots. One for each account. If it only had the one slot, then it would only launch the one game.
The second PC is launching too, so that sounds like it is doing what is desired.

As for Video Feeds. ISBoxer provides no capability to do a videofeed between computers. You'd have to get that capability elsewhere.


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Re: 2 PC's Video Feed Not Going to Main

Interesting, so if I understand this correctly, I won't be able to switch to my main, slot 1 on computer 2 from computer 1?

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