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VFX window not rebuilding after swapping slot

PostPosted: Mon Jan 10, 2022 2:33 pm
by Bobbi
Hi guys,

I'll post my configuration knowing it still has some work in process in it. I'm solving those one at a time,

Okay first things first:

Lax: i love this program, i have atleast as much fun finding out how things work than playing a game with it. It's puzzle solving and i love it.
Mirai: Keep those videos coming, i love them, love your attitude too that people should try to solve stuff themselfs first hehe. Seriously keep those videos coming.
And all the other guys in the forum helping people out. Bob, Ualaa to name just a few.

Now on to my little problem:

After watching Mirai's video i tried to recreate this and everything works fine. The vfx gets created when the character set is loaded or adjusted. I can Swap to other characters just fine and the viewer of the character i swap to turns in to a black square BUT (btw i blame Mirai, hehe just kidding it's probably my lack of understanding) the black squares are not rebuild so i'll end up with a totaly blank vfx viewer if i swap from 1 to 5.

Please take a quick look, no rush i got other viewers that work just fine, i just wanted to try this layout out.

Anyway thanks for a great program and Mirai give us more isboxer videos or start a new gameplay video or paint a wall and film it, i prefer the former 2 but hey i just like you.

Now i hope that link works...

Re: VFX window not rebuilding after swapping slot

PostPosted: Mon Jan 10, 2022 4:05 pm
by bob
There are several issues.

1. When doing a Custom VFX layout, you should use your own DXNothing Character, rather than the DXNothing VFX1/2/3/4 etc characters created for the use of the Wizard generated VFX layouts. This is because you will need the Game setting of the DXNothing character to be set to Other.

2. When doing a Custom VFX Layout, DO NOT TICK THE USE VFX option on the WIndow Layout. Between this and item 1, you can now properly control the size and placement of the region for the DXNothing window.

3. Your problem with the VFX viewers disappearing is you never (re)create the viewers, other than on character set startup. You destroy them as you swap to each slot. If you destroy them, and never recreate them, how would they ever display again ? Your swap slot mapped keys should recreate any missing viewers. You can create a viewer that already exists and it will just overwrite it, so you could just run the create mapped key with a Do Mapped Key Action, and then destroy the one you don't want to see.

Re: VFX window not rebuilding after swapping slot

PostPosted: Mon Jan 10, 2022 7:29 pm
by Bobbi
Thanks that solved some of my problems and i understand dxnothing a bit better :)