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Couple issues in my DxNothing window

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Post Sat Nov 07, 2020 1:59 pm

Couple issues in my DxNothing window

I have gotten my ISB UI layed out how I want, but I'm having a few issues with my DxNothing window:

I move the click bar (the default one with click for key mapping and key broadcasting) to a different spot, and save it. Next time I log in, it's back to the old spot

I resize and move my three mini-screen views of my three boxes (don't know how to better describe it, sources are is1, is2, is3). Next time, they're back to how they were.

I have three viewer sources, one on each box, over the hotbars. When I log in each time, the one viewer is looking at the box 2 source, even though, when editing, it says it's pointed at box 1. Now, if I go to box 1, open up edit mode, and just move that source 1 pixel, now suddenly, the viewer in the DxNothing window is pointed to the correct source on box 1.

As far as I know, I am saving these changes correctly, but each time I log in, I have to redo them. All the changes I made in the other three windows for the boxes (is1, is2, is3, etc) have all saved, no problem.


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Post Mon Nov 09, 2020 11:12 am

Re: Couple issues in my DxNothing window

Answered in Discord. Posting here as well.
1 - My videoFX viewers in my DxN window won't save their size and spots. Specifically, the viewers for the whole screen (i.e. sources are is1, is2, and is3). All other viewers on my DxN window save properly, it's just these three
2 - For my VideoFX viewer on DxN window, for the hotbars for just one char, there is a "dead spot". I overlay 7 hotbars, and when I hover over it in tthe viewer, I see the keys "highlight" and I can click them and get them to work, except for one key. It highlights, but no amount of clicking gets it to work. Very strange
3 - last time I used ISB, I made hotkeys to turn off VideoFX and repeater regions, and another hotkey to turn them back on. It still works, except the repeater region still gets repeated, but just on one box. Very strange.
4 - I copied a character set, and copied some characters in ISB, then renamed the new chars to chars on other accounts, with the new account names. I edited the copied char set to use the new accounts/chars. When I launch that set, the account name for all three is identical, instead of the three different account names I can see in the ISB configuration.

1. There is nothing special about is1, i2, is3, etc. Provided they are saved in the Auto group, then they should be in the correct spots. Once you get into having a number of sources/viewers, it can be better to configure them as VideoFX actions in a mapped key.

2. Pass. Sounds very weird and would require a bit more hands on digging on settings for the sources/viewers, sizes, etc.

3. Maybe the repeater is not being unloaded? For the Unload mapped key, the target is Window: all w/Current?

4. If you copy characters, you will need to update the linked Virtual Files, otherwise they will just use those assigned to the source characters, and you will get swapping account details that won't make sense.


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Post Mon Nov 09, 2020 3:12 pm

Re: Couple issues in my DxNothing window

Further updates (for posterity) (And thanks, Bob!!)

1 - still looking into it, but the videoFX viewers are saving correctly. If I clear viewers and reload from "Auto" they are correct. For some reason, an additional load is happening at startup, I'm still looking for that.

2 - The "toggles menu" was behind my videoFX viewer, right where the two offending hotkeys were. I moved/deleted that, and problem solved.

3 - For some reason, my key map for turning on/off videoFX and repeaters is only going to one box at a time. If I hit the key three times, it goes to all boxes, and that takes care of it.

4 - When I copied the chars, I updated the account info, but did not notice the separate place where you specify the virtual files. so all 3 were using the same virtual files, hence the same account name. I updated the virtual files setting, it created separate files, and it worked.

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