Post Sun Apr 26, 2020 3:41 am

Mouse issue


I am new to FX'ing and I have a problem with my mouse and I hope someone will have a workaround/solution for it. I have 2 chars, Source A and Viewer B. I have made a HOT Key taskbar in A and can happily activate it using my Num keys on B. I can use the mouse when on either display A or B. I have set the source / viewer up on a hot key.

Now the issue is I cannot use the mouse on the viewed task bar! I know there is a button I have not made when setting up the hot key but I am loath to press buttons 'willy nilly' in fear of breaking what I already have. I did try this approach but ended up with the mouse activating differing keys in the same position on both displays which caused much hilarity with my Guild after I spammed 'Gratz' a few times instead of foraging!

Hopefully someone will understand what I mean and offer a solution

Many thanks,


As an aside, when I now load up both displays the mouse works on both and i cannot get it to stop! I want independant control on both displays and an ability to use the mouse on the viewer display to activate buttons on the source display in viewer. If that makes sense?