Post Wed Jun 28, 2023 5:25 pm

Bug? Mouseover behavior of a roaming slot.

When one of your slots is set to roam, the VideoFX mouseover behavior is not intuitive.

Imagine the case of two monitors with two slots. Two regions, one per monitor.

Character 1 is roaming, initially starting in the active region on monitor 1.
Character 2 is assigned to region 2 on monitor 2.

When you switch to Character 2, Character 1 will roam to the second monitor. All good so far.

When Character 1 is active, you can move the mouse over to the second monitor and control something on character 2. Great!

When Character 2 is active, if you move the mouse over the second monitor, you cannot control Character 1! As soon as you mouseover the region, it shows the character whose home is in that region. That is, as soon as you mouseover, Character 2 is now temporarily showing on BOTH monitors!

This seems like a bug. When you mouseover a region temporarily homing a roaming slot, you should be able to control the roaming slot that is currently living there. As far as I can tell there is no way to change this behavior.