Post Mon Nov 05, 2018 6:54 pm

6 box party

Reposting this from another thread since that was a troubleshooting thread.

Since people have been sharing their setups, my best team is 6 wizards. Their skeletons and other summons will target and attack independently, and you can make buttons to find closest target on mouse click down and cast a spell on mouse click up. So while your summons are in front you can fire 6x lightning bolt, 6x fireball, etc. per click. It lets you get the full effect out of 6 characters at once if you're able to plan the fights appropriately. Once you get Death Aura and Negative Energy Burst you can heal yourselves a bit too. I beat a reaper 1 difficulty low level quest this way. It was worth all the setup.

If the room of your next fight doesn't suit moving 6 guys into position, you can line up 5 and pull the room to you. You'll never be able to do everything with such limitations but if you try, you can do a lot.

Is anyone else able to use all 6 slots to attack? What classes? Anyone raid with 12?