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DDO drops after login/world selection

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DDO drops after login/world selection

So I've just started trying to use InnerSpace and IsBoxer. There did not seem to be any specific/special things to set up for DDO.

I used the wizard to set up a couple of characters, pointed it at my install path, picked the invoker exe, etc.

When I run it it logs in, I select a world, and then where it would normally launch the "full" game it pauses then drops. It never appears to actually launch the main game (only the launcher/login app).

I did notice in a thread here someone mentioning an init/parameter string to add to the exe call in InnnerSpace. So I updated the game profile with that but still no luck.

Game runs normally when I run it directly, etc., only drops when I try to run it with InnerSpace.

Any suggestions on things I should try?




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Re: DDO drops after login/world selection

Patrick, DDO is down now so I can't do any testing...

Have you verified you are running in DX9 instead of DX11 mode?


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Re: DDO drops after login/world selection

Same thing is happening to me where after the login screen the game just doesn't load. But I can load via inner Space or without using it just can not use the character sets at all. I can create a new thread if needed.

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