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Ideas to dual box better in DDO

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Ideas to dual box better in DDO

Does anyone dual box in DDO? It is pretty hard without autofollow...


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Post Mon Feb 25, 2013 9:41 am

Re: Ideas to dual box better in DDO

I am going to try it out today, but since I have played DDO quite a bit I do not think it will be too hard. Clever use of auto run is my guess. Will update this once get to test a bit.


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Re: Ideas to dual box better in DDO

In addition to boxing (and playing) LOTRO - I also play (and now box) DDO - for the longest time I didnt consider boxing DDO because its lack of Follow and Targeting in game support.

But I recently started playing DDO again (something I do when I get burnt out on LOTRO and vice versa) and this time it occurred to me to box DDO - but not traditionally (like make a team and play them together) here's a brief run down of my routine:

First on my main VIP account I made a vet status (level 7 ) Haggle Bard/Mule...

Then I made 4 F2P accounts with the following character class on it:

1. Arcane Wizard (Pale Master cause I like God Mode)
2. Paladin - Whats not to love about a Self-healing, Divine caster, THF melee bad ass?
3. Cleric - HealBot
4. TWF Tempest Trapper (Rogue/Ranger/Barbarian)

Then _ I made A ISboxer configuration to launch the team in IS - thats all - no keybinds or any other configuration...

Once I get the team loaded I park my Haggle Bard in the Market...

Then I get my 4 toons in a dungeon and park them at the entrance... (very little re-spawning in DDO)

From there depending on the type of dungeon, I run one character (Usually The Tempest) to the first Shrine - Unlocking any doors, traps, chests - etc. along the way - thinning or clearing any Mobs to the shrine... scouting

Any heavy hitters, Baddie Bosses or high concentration of Mobs I send in the Paladin to mow them down ( or the cleric) and the Pale master ( for now) is just kind of along for the ride - although I do buff up my party with him... If things goes south I have Several Heal options beside the cleric - but the Healbot is good for keeping my Melee's in top form... and There is always someone left alive to grab any soul stones and drag my carcasses to the Resurrection shrine.

Then I do this to each shrine or quest objective... All four toons hits all the chests and gets the end rewards... and they all get full XP - even if all they did was pike at the entrance...

After about 2 or 3 runs - I drag my team (one at a time - the reason I avoid long wilderness areas) to the Bard - or sometimes drag my bard to the team if i want to stay in that area and quest more - trade back -n -forth and equip the items that each toon can use... (its funny how my Arcane gets the named items for my Melee's, and My Rogue gets the Named items for My Divine's isn't it?) and give all the collectibles, essences, crafting and barter gear to the bard who haggles with the NPCs to get top $$$ for the vendor and pawn-able stuff... I sell the collectibles on the AH and hand all the essences and crafting blanks and decon stuff over to my high level crafter - who keeps my team in good leveling gear....

Works fairly well... and even though I'm not getting 200 XP per minute like "they" suggests - I am leveling up 4 toons in the same time it would have taken me to level one...

Plus - I'm always playing the toon I want to play - Feel like going commando? - run the Paladin. Want to stealth about? - Go with the Rogue. Feel like being clever? In come the Arcane. Just want to get done with out a lot of fuss and finesse? Up jumps the Cleric...

There is some parts of this process that is kind of lame and tedious - moving the team from one area to the other for example - and sorting through all the junk over and over and over - but all in all I find it more rewarding and Worthwhile in terms of ROI then just playing each toon individually - besides if'en I get burnt on dragging the team around - I can always mono-log any character or account I choose - and If I want the Boxing thrill - there is always my LOTRO teams....

Anyone have any thing to add to this that Can make Boxing DDO more... umm?... Box like?

Take Care...


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Post Wed Mar 06, 2013 10:34 pm

Re: Ideas to dual box better in DDO

OK - so that was fun to about level 4 or 5 - then it became apparent that on mobs with a large HP pool - I needed in-combat healing....

At first I would run in with my hardest hitting tank and wear the mob down and finish it off with my high damage dealer - but the meatshield would often die and I started to get weary of a sacrifice strategy - death penalties are annoying and unsatisfying.

At level 5 i had access to some pretty solid gear enhancements via cannith crafting that helped with survivability and damage - but I can see that I need a new approach to beat harder stuff.

Working on a different approach - will post my attempt at a solution after some test runs....


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Post Mon Mar 11, 2013 3:57 am

Re: Ideas to dual box better in DDO

After a few days of working on this - I completely gave up on the idea of using auto-run and /others move keys to get around the lack of /follow...

No /follow command is probably a deal breaker for me on any long-term enjoyment of boxing DDO for anything other then farming for more crappy loot rolls, favor or TP's to support my main account.

However, I did mange to make some use of the assist key and target select keys to get my toons working somewhat together... reading through these forums I found others have came up with more or less the same concept: in-combat pocket healing, corruption removals, protection or resistance spells / buffs (or re-applications) are the more useful actions - but I also can get my PM contributing DPS spells (cleric too) and any character can take a swipe at my mains target if they get in melee range. Note: Most of this is only possible if you have time to set up the fight first - The targeting/ assist/ focus orb system is a PITA and ambushes and re-spawns make bad runs.

I could get my guys contributing with ranged DPS - but I always found ranged toons to be kind of sucky in DDO and a hassle to manage the ammo - so I'm not going to bother ;(
I'm re-evaluating my team set up - all caster + summons crew? The PM skelly is pretty bad ass on level... prolly need some kind of brute/meat shield at least to level 7...

I still basically just clear the dungeon solo - with either the Paladin if combat heavy - or the Tempest if more trap and locks, and then bring my other toons up to loot the chests or for support on challenging pulls - and there is some thrill in my team overcoming and beating down Landslide and the Greater Fire Elemental in the summons quest (baddest biggies i've beaten so far.)

But everybody solo's these on level anyway...

I'm gonna continue to dink around some more because I'm still burnt on LOTRO - but without the ability to move my team around quickly - it gets pretty tedious very quickly.
And as soon as my PM gets high enough level to go god-mode ( pale master II / wraith shroud ) I'll prolly dump the baggage and just solo/zerg

If I come up with any break-through's I'll update - but piking for more chances at crafting mats - loot rolls - collectibles - TP's - etc. is the only real value I see in boxing DDO and for that all you need is a config that launches your team... and lots of patience.


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Re: Ideas to dual box better in DDO

The only effective combo I have found with more than 1 DDO character in active combat is the following 4 man party (6 man with hirelings at level 18+):

2 warforged Artificers with pets (these are simultaneously active).
1 warforged Wizard Buffer/Crowd Controller/Charmer;
1 warforged Favored Soul Buffer/Rezzer;
2 hireling panthers (figurine fighters available at level 18+)...

Note that I chose an all Warforged party as now every character is a self healer as both Artificers & wizards can cast the arcane repair & reconstruct spells on warforged & the pets & the Favored Soul can cast Heals...

At the beginning of the quest I apply all the divine, arcane, & artificer buffs to the Artificers & their pets (with extend on for QoL).

Both pets are tank speced with Intimidate;

In general I control just the 2 Warforged Artificers at the same time via toggle broadcast of mouse/keys and via programmed keys with their pets. I run artificer 1 up right behind artificer 2 and when they are essentially right on top of each other facing the same way I then toggle on broadcast and they do essentially the same thing (with a little lag on turns). I have Artificer 2 assist Artificer 1 and they both mow down targets well. It used to be that ranged classes were totally subpar but now with Artificers they are OK.

As I come across general mobs I target the first MOB and sent the pets in (artificer & panther) & all go for the same MOB via assist. In general I keep my pets on active so they will engage anyway if I am close enough and as the first mob goes down they will auto-aquire the next MOB immediately. That being said I am continually over-riding the auto-aquire by telling Arti 2 to assist Arti1's target and both tell both (all 4 of their pets) to attack Artie 1's target (semi-effective focus fire).

If I have time to setup a fight (or know a big fight is coming) I run up the wizard and rage/haste/stoneskin/etc my duo Artificers/pets. Having haste on helps with running the Wiz separately from the Arties. I also use the wizard to disco-ball/charm/dominate/web & after the fight I use the wizard to reapply buffs & heal via reconstruct... Ideally tough fights are opened up with a disco-ball (start casting on Wizard) and then while it is casting I switch over & I send the pets in.

If things go bad & I wipe I run up the Favored Soul to grab the stones and rez the party...

So far things are going much smoother than before I could assist...

More details in my original post:


I am curious if anyone has been able to come up with a better party composition or strategy... This is the best I have come up with thus far to hopefully result in at least 4 active characters (2 artificers & 2 hireling panthers) + 2 decent pets at a time with all the buffs & some spam of tab targeted wizard disco-ball/web/hypno/charm/dominate as needed (and a rezzer as backup)...

The only downside is that you only have 4 loots of the chests with this method but you can park 2 other characters outside and dismiss the panthers and invite the other 2 in before opening the chests if you want 6 chances at a particular chest drop/loot....

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