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Delay in repeater. Any tweaks needed?

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Delay in repeater. Any tweaks needed?

Hi all,

I have the character set established using the quick start guides but have noticed the following behavior and was wondering if others have experienced the same and done anything to fix it?

1) If I start up more than 2 characters, the first character seems to respond slowly to movement keys (IE, if i move forward the char takes a step, stops, takes a step, etc) but the other 2 characters work fine. If I log off any of the characters so I'm down to 2, they work fine. Is this normal? Not that I would ever run more than 2 honestly but there might be an occasion I do more than 2.

2) The repeater seem to have a little delay (I'm guessing this is expected) to the other windows if using movement keys. Like if I turn a full 90 degrees on the first character, the other characters will only turn short of that. This makes running the 2 characters hard in tunnels because one could turn and go straight and the other would not turn all the way and go off to an angle. I'm only using keyboard for movement (no mouse look). I have tried both however with same results. Is there a setting to tweak this? Using action keys and the mouse cursor all seem to respond pretty well. Swinging weapons work fine. It's just movement keys that seem to delay.

Other than that works great!


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Re: Delay in repeater. Any tweaks needed?

1. What kind of PC do you have? It sounds like it might be performance issues? For example if you've got a dual core processor, running a third character means that there's no longer a full CPU core per character -- one of the CPU cores would be split in half between two...

2. The first thing that comes to mind in response to this question is: http://isboxer.com/wiki/FAQ#Why_do_my_toons_move_in_different_directions.3F

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