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Virgin Media firewall blocking LOTRO & DDO

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Virgin Media firewall blocking LOTRO & DDO

Hi guys,

some of you virgin broadband users might, like me be having issues with the virgin media firewall (formally pc guard) when loading both LOTRO and DDO. it would normally say searching for server log on, attempt 1 of 20 2 of 20 etc, then say server attempt failed and close the DDO/LOTRO client. What i normally do is turn off the firewall load the DDO or LOTRO client up to character select, then reactivate my firewall. This as you can imagine is not ideal, as turning any firewall off is frowned upon. Changing the internet access rules to allow ddo/lotro to load in the virgin media firewall still caused them to be blocked.

this is the solution i now use. This solution is not solely for LOTRO or DDO it can be used for any game blocked by your Virgin media firewall. However i don't play any other games really so have not experienced the problem.

1) open virgin media security firewall.
2) select firewall option.
3) click VIEW LOG.
4) click clear log.
5) load LOTRO or DDO
6) in the virgin media log view the protocols and ip addresses that are being blocked, it should consistently show the same numbers everytime a LOTRO or DDO server attempt is blocked, note down those protocols and addresses.
7) In virgin media click home, then firewall , then internet access rules
8) click advanced
9) click add port or protocol
10) Add the details of the blocked TCP, UDP or TCP/UDP, also the port number which is usually the last number in the string ie 12234 or something similar.

job done, now if you did it right when you load DDO/LOTRO even with virgin media firewall on, it should load straight to character selection no problem.

hope this helps somebody.



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Re: Virgin Media firewall blocking LOTRO & DDO

awesome that's good advice thank you for sharing. fire walls and gaming always have had a love hate relation ship :).


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Re: Virgin Media firewall blocking LOTRO & DDO

LoTRO switches between servers and UDP ports while running, so you may see disconnections during play. Check the log file and see if any new ports have been blocked that need to be opened up.

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