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Does dual 4k work ok?

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Post Sat Aug 06, 2016 12:32 am

Does dual 4k work ok?

Current rig is 64gb ram i7@3.6 3 years old though. (RIP RAM drive when wow got too big)

have a 980ti 8gb running 3x 1080p monitors @ 60hz and a 680ti (upgrade possible) running 2x 1080p's (with link to 55' but don't use it much).

5 monitors on my desk has been the standard for 3 years now started at 6 but a bounced lighter hit one of them wrong and just never got around to replacing it.

I was thinking about going w. 2x 40" 4k monitors at @60hz to get some of my desk back. The 2 monitor setup I could deal w. is fixed main on primary 1 w. a 4 split = on 2. I can't stand the swapping bit unless I am on my laptop and in a hotel and just deal w. it.

What I was wanting to know is if anyone has messed w. a similar setup and if so have you had any major issues? Currently looking @ the wasabi mango 404k


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Post Sat Aug 06, 2016 1:42 am

Re: Does dual 4k work ok?

Dual 4k works great, if you can drive it.
You'll probably be looking at least one card per display, especially if the game res is 4k, at which point you may want to look at something better than the 980Ti.

I run a 980Ti (6GB), and it can chug along at 100% GPU at 4k (depends on game, and settings). Don't get me wrong it does it well, and I didn't notice it was maxed out as there were no stutters, unless I specifically turned on some of the extra post processing which I normally had off because it made certain game aspects harder. Your chances of holding 60 FPS are slim, and most cheap 4k monitors wont have *sync.

I have a Phillips BDM4065UC myself, and am happy with it. It can ghost slightly, but considering my other monitors are "professional" displays which always have slow response times, it is actually an improvement for my gaming :). I'm not that concerned really as I learnt to not notice it with the prof displays (they are still quicker than most TV's), so it is only when I specifically go looking for it does it become apparent.
I notice they have a newer version of the BDM4350UC, although looking at the comparison, I'm not sure I would swap, as they are fairly similar, and the differences wouldn't drive me towards the slightly larger area. It's a shame that site doesn't have the details for the 404k, although there is conjecture on the interwebs to say there can be flicker issues with it.


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Post Sat Aug 06, 2016 9:04 am

Re: Does dual 4k work ok?

So I have 2 wasabi mango 4k monitors, decided to hook them both up and give it a try. I tried 4 different setups. a) 980ti b) 980ti X2 in SLI c) 980ti X2 (card per monitor) d) Titan Xp

Full disclosure, my cpu in this machine is only an i5, so your result may be a bit better than mine once you get into CPU intensive barriers.

Good news, even with just 1 980ti it displayed on both screens, and was completely "playable".

Bad news, with game res at 4k on both screens I had to significantly dial back the eye candy, to the point where I found it unenjoyable.

big issue was running out of video RAM, card was maxed out the entire time, would get some stuttering in highly populated areas. dropping clients on one screen to 1080 or 1440 made the framerates stable.

Not much different than "A)", higher framerate, little more fluidity, I found this to be on the border of enjoyable but still didn't do it for me (games at 4k). more consistent framerates at 4k, 1440, and 1080. Doing 4k on main and 1080p for each slave in their own quadrant with the slaves dialed back a tid in fidelity was actually very stable and completely playable. Started to see my CPU being the barrier here.

This actually worked out quite well, and I enjoyed it and was visually appealing. I tried both a dual boxing one, and each client at 4k - was pretty beautiful. When I did a 1main on one screen and 4slave on second screen, the slaves were hitting the video ram threshold with all the bells and whistles turned up, tempering those made it run pretty smooth. Started to see my CPU being the barrier here.

Worked great, solid 60/30/30/30/30 fps, really made me see my CPU bottlenecking though (in the middle of a new build creation monster), was able to push the graphics up really high on all clients.

As Bob alluded, getting a second 980ti and using it to power the monitor is probably a valid solution, but I would take his advice and look at something better than the 980ti if you want to do dual 4k monitors.

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