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New System Build

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New System Build


I am fairly new to boxing, been at it maybe a year. I am planning a new build since my current rig cant handle a 5 man team on retail.
I have read all the minimum req and done some research, however before ordering I would appreciate any input from the community.
The hardware I am looking at likely exceeds the req but I want to make sure as to not make a costly mistake.

I will be running 5 man team and would love it to be as fast and smooth as possible.

I plan to get -

i9 10900k
Asus ROG Strix z490 E
Corsair Dominator Platinum rgb (4x8) 3600 CL16
Samsung 970 evo plus 1TB
NVIDIA 3080 or 3090 ( waiting on confirmed specs, ram will be between 10 and 24)

I am also not sure on the monitor yet but want a good 32". Would also appreciate opinions on monitor/tv (curved preferred)
If I am missing anything let me know.

Thank you in advance


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Re: New System Build

There are obvious missing things like case/psu etc, but as the basic components. Looks great.

Monitors are a mixed bag, and really depends on what you are after and your use cases, how good your eyesight is, how big you want things, etc.

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