Post Sat Jun 09, 2012 8:12 am

Can't get Isboxer to work with Warhammer Online.

I have been trying for 2 days now and my trial account just keeps ticking away without me being able to even try it out... I was looking forward to this because if it worked, I would have bought a year subscription.

I set it up several times, made sure I did everything correctly. I made 4 warhammer folders and directed each character to seperate folders. I went in through Inner Space and "Add game" to each folder. The problem comes in with games that has to login through a patcher it seems. Runes of Magic has a patcher, but you can skip it being you don't log in until the game launches (like WoW) and it worked great with that game.

They have a generic version of Isboxer called Pwnboxer and there is an option to where you can put it to launch with the warpatch.exe and then goes into war.exe. But, I do not see an option like this with Isboxer?

When it launches it will bring up patcher 1 and I am able to enter the log-in and password, but once I click "Play" it will crash with the critical error "Failed to startup streaming - Please re-launch Warhammer Online".

Is there a way to either attach Isboxer to the clients once I have them up and running first? Or, can I tell Isboxer that once I log in through the patcher, the war.exe will launch?

I can log into all 4 accounts just fine without Isboxer/Inner Space and they all 4 work fine. So, I know it's something to do with Isboxer / Inner Space.

Also, I seen where someone posted a video that showed how to set up Warhammer with Isboxer, but it seems to be dead now :( .....

Can someone PLEASE help me out or at least try to get Warhammer Online working? They have very small trial versions (1.8 gigs each).... I would appreciate it, ty!