Post Sat Aug 19, 2023 8:24 pm

SWG Beyond

I am currently trying to setup on SWG Beyond and I am running into some issues. When I start up the first window logs in to character select and I get a message saying the resolution is larger than my desktop (its a swg message) and then when my other character slots go to login it just spins on connecting, does not login to character select and also I am not able to mouse over to other windows and the layouts for some reason are not layout out correctly on the screen. I have 3 character slots made and its supposed to be 1 across the top then 2 satellite windows below and it comes up as the main one works but then the other 2 combine below the #3 slot. Any help would be appreciated. I ust to run this on SWG back in the day and had no issues but now i am lost. I think thats the right xml file.
SWG Beyond.xml
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