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Hi, just wondering if there is any plan to get isoboxer working for the current emulation servers? Has anyone done this? I'm not a pro at this and I'm having a hard time setting it up. I think it keeps trying to connect to official server.


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Re: SWG Emu



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Re: SWG Emu

I just wanted to say that Lax is incorrect about the lawfulness of "private servers".

According to several lawyers i've already spoken to on the subject it is 100% Lawful as long as the server emulation software is developed in an open-source format, never charged for, and released publicly. Furthermore, so long as the private servers in question never charge money for access they're considered "Fan Art" and are subject to said protections and laws.

Not to say Lax isn't 100% in his right to ask that nothing like that is discussed, but i just wanted to set the record straight that there's nothing unlawful about emulation in general, or so called "Private Servers". It all depends on how they're run/developed.

That last bit is important, as Lineage II some time ago had their source stolen so those private servers were, in fact, illegal. However, ONLY because they were not using open-source developed server software.

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Re: SWG Emu

None of that is relevant, because we need to maintain a positive relationship with game publishers.

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