Post Sat Sep 13, 2014 5:45 am

Strange Problems with German Key Layout


Im using ISBoxer since a few days now.
For the most i only use it as Window Manager because its realy compfotable to see all client windows and switch with just 1 click to another.
I like it realy and hope i find out a lot more things to do with in my game.
But theres one thing that bug's me alot and i hope there is a solution.

Im using a german Key Layout with a G19 to Play SWG.
As long i start SWG without Lavish everything is fine. All key's work like they should.
As soon i start the game with Lavish (also just with default game profile) i have a lot of complications and my key layout mess up.

I checkt the EN/US Layout switched with ctrl+alt. Every key i checkt was working like it should if you have a US keyboard.
I also checkt Neverwinter and Strartreck Online Login screen and there are all keys working, also with german key layout.

But with SWG and german layout i get the following problems:

seen from the german layout key i press
+ * ä ~ # ' \ arent working (some of them are on other keys or combinations some of them are completley Missing and the keys have NO Funktion at all.
ö change ü
^^ change ö
ctrl+ü change ?
ü change ß
ß change -
ctrl+ß change _
- change #
ctrl+- change '
y changes to z and z to y
´ change +
ctrl+´ to *
and a few more.

Chatting with that is impossible. Writing Mcros without backslash also and have to do this all in editor and recopy into
chat or macro so all my compfort is gone on this point :(

Hope you can help me with this.