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ISBoxer & Star Wars Galaxies quesiton~!

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ISBoxer & Star Wars Galaxies quesiton~!


How's everybody doing? Hopefully good, but listen, I have a question here for you experts out there.
I'm brand new to ISBoxer & multiplebox in general, I'm solid with computers, but can't seem to figure this one out.
I want to be able to run four accounts on SWG & have them doing the same exact things, using the same commands for walk, or to fire attacks on each account.
I can not figure this out, so I checked the forums on here & inside the SWG forum, it says to check the "Wiki," but I can't find a Wiki, or guide for it.
I do not mind doing research or reading, but I can't find what I'm looking for...
So can anyone help get me started & once I do get started how long should it take to program it?
Thanks everyone!



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Re: ISBoxer & Star Wars Galaxies quesiton~!

You need IS Boxer - this allows you to run mutiple accounts (I run 5) at one time sharing keyboard and mouse interactions once it is fully set up.

Once you get IS Boxer you will need to run Innerspace's configuration thingy.

Set up your characters (this is where the account info comes into play
Set up your screen space ( the window layout)
Set up your hot keys, repeaters, etc, etc..

Save configuration
Kick off isboxer and log your alts in.

**Plese keep in mind that after all this is done, you will STILL need to do some major tweaking to get everything to work easily, but the multiboxing function is as simple as i typed it on here.

Things to keep in mind:
- Your best bet would be to run a combat macro
something that uses the game's macro system for
/follow (Follow target macros)
/assist macros (assist target macros)
/ui action toolbarSlotxx macros (toolbar activation macros)
/ui action cycleTargetOutward macros (target cycling macros)

I for one use the space bar to toggle my auto attack command
so it makes it easier to send the attack command to all my characters

I use 2 medics 2 officers and 2 random profession (jedi, mando, bh...)
There for I use

1 healing macro for with a few debuffs
1 healing heavy macro
1 Officer macro cycling thorugh all the ranged attacks
1 Occifer macro cycling buffs and the two quick pistol spec specials
the last character is usually the lead which is usually managed by the main window(me)

Using some of the mroe advanced stuff you can assign a keyboard button in your spiffy logitech keyboard to send a command for a single character to do a certain action

You can send commands to every character in your group, or decide who does what... i mean the possibilities are sort of endless (yeah i know pretty cliche') lol

If anyone is interested i would be more than willing to help, im no expert on this but ive managed to get to work fairly well, and Im happy with it sans a few small details i need to work out lol

So i can offer y'all some help if anyone needs it!


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Re: ISBoxer & Star Wars Galaxies quesiton~!

I could use some help, I have IS and ISboxer running. i just need help conciguring my 3 toons to all move together so i can run a few quests on 3 toons at the same time such as terminal missions/nym's

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