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ISBoxer and SWG

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ISBoxer and SWG

Thank you for the new SWG Forum.

If you are wondering if ISBoxer will multibox Star Wars Galalxies...Yes, it does, and flawlessly.
It takes some work, and some patience, but it'll work. Read the wiki, and really look into how the setup is done, thats really going to be the first step, and the most important one. If you are thinking maybe theres an easy way to set this up without the research, I can cut that off right here for ya.

Also, Find your way into the IRC chat. Particularly #isboxer.

I'll try to keep my eyes on this forum so if anyone needs a hand I can try to help out.

Good luck!


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Re: ISBoxer and SWG

Perfect man. There have been a few people that have come into #isboxer asking about SWG and I really had no idea what to tell them or who to point them to, besides the existing 'general' documentation.

Pretty sure BobTheB plays SWG as well but he's not always around for people to talk to.


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Re: ISBoxer and SWG

Just wanted to pop in and say THANK YOU!!

ISBoxer makes Innerspace invaluable for swg... I'm only boxing a total of 3 chars.. but this makes it so much better.

Also wanted to let anyone using the 'Sony Launcher' that using the old SWG launchpad works much better since it exits after it connects the account you are logging into to the game. (I had to find it, so I thought I would share.)

The old launcher can be installed from here: http://patch.station.sony.com:7000/patc ... nchPad.exe
I found this info in an old swg forum thread here: http://forums.station.sony.com/swg/post ... _id=793730

However, if in the future the old launcher is disabled and we *have* to use the new launcher, all is not lost. It //does// work with the new launcher it's just a bigger pain in the rear to get it to jive with character windows. Or I could just not know what I am doing, which is more than likely.

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