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[WoW] Created one working click bar, but others will not work

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Created one working click bar, but others will not work


First time setting up a click bar - and the way I did it probably isn't typical because I just kind of dove right in and tried to figure it out on mine own. I managed to get one click bar working, but the others, which are essentially the same button with different macros attached to them, will not do anything when clicked. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :D

Here is my setup:

5 Shamans, I want one of my shamans (the resto shaman) to heal specified targets when I click the click bar I have created and placed next to their associated healing targets unit-frame.

How I got my one click bar working:

1. Created a new WoW macro new set in ISBoxer called "Resto Shaman". This set is assigned to my Resto Shaman.
2. Created a WoW macro in that set that does /cast[target=ShamanB] Healing Wave and assigned it the hotkey Crtl+Alt+Shift+J
3. Created a Key map which I called "Resto Shaman" and then created a Named Macro mapped key assigned to Crtl+Alt+Shift+J with a target of Character Slot 1 (the resto shaman) that does:
1: WoW macro 'Healing Wave @ ShamanB in 'Resto Shaman' >1
4. Created a new click bar called "Healing Wave @ ShamanB" and pointed the "Right Click" at "Do WoW Macro Healing Wave @ ShamanB" - this is also targeted at Slot1 (the resto shaman).

This button works perfectly as I would like it to in the game, when I right click it, it heals ShamanB using my resto shaman. I then went and made copies of my click bar, my WoW macro (in ISBoxer), and my mapped key (in the Resto shaman key map).

-Changed the new macros accordingly to point them at their new targets (Shaman A, C, D and E), as well as gave them different hotkey assignments which correspond with the new mapped keys I made for each.
-Pointed my click bar copies at their new macros.
-Pointed my mapped keys at their corresponding new macros.

What am I forgetting to do? Help much appreciated!


After restarting my game client fully everything works now. Woot!


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Re: Created one working click bar, but others will not work

simpleguy wrote:After restarting my game client fully everything works now. Woot!

When making any adjustments to anything add-on related, you need to reload the interface. From the WoW Macro Wiki page:
Note: If the game is currently running, you will need to reload the user interface (/reload) before any changes take effect.

Obviously, a complete restart of the game client would re-load the add-on, as well.

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