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Click bar to send multiple keystrokes

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Click bar to send multiple keystrokes

is posible to create a button or use an image over the client
that send multiple keys "individual ones" lets say from f1 to f7
to another client in the background.

im using a dxnothing setup. and this will help me allot to reduce the ammount of clicking.
in 6 clients. pressing from f1 to f7.

thats 42 clicks that can be done in my theory. with 6


Edit. is my 1st post. and i just got my isboxer setup. 5 days ago and so far this software is AMAZING!


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Post Tue Nov 10, 2015 10:33 am

Re: Click bar to send multiple keystrokes

A Click Bar is probably the easiest to get started with, although a Menu is more awesome.

With a Click Bar you will need to configure a Mapped Key to do the action you want when you click on the button(s), so you should configure that up first, assign it a Hotkey to test it out (you can always remove the Hotkey this afterward), and then make the Click Bar. With a Menu, actions are linked to Button Sets (although you can also get a Menu Button to execute a Mapped Key), so there are a few moving parts before you get to testing.

Anyway, with a Mapped Key, the best thing is probably to start with manual configuration of it, by adding individual action (Keystroke Action) to send to each Target (slot).

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