Post Sun Jun 17, 2012 12:40 pm

Modular Click Bars

Good day all,

I'm running ISBoxer with EVE and have 3/4 different click bars depends on what I am doing and also have a number of Character Sets. My problem comes from having different Character Sets to relate to the number of clients needed.

eg. Set 1 is used for triple boxing clients A,B,C and Set 2 is used for Quad boxing clients A,B,C & D.

I want the same functionality from my ClickBars on each Character Set however the ClickBar buttons are character dependent. The Below image is for Set 1 [triple boxing] where each line on the click bar relates to a different client.


The problem I am having is adapting this to work with quad-boxing as well. The only possible way's I can see are:

    A) create a whole new click bar and key binds for the new Set even though 3 out 4 will be identical but will need to be duplicated due to the Click Bar having a different name

    B) always have the 4th client visible on the Click Bar even when only running in Character Set 1.

What I would like to do would be either:

    C) Create a new Click Bar but still use the existing key binds where available
    D) Create a key bind which can make specific Buttons on the Click Bar invisible/disabled

From my understanding C is not possible due to Click Bar button Actions ('New Click Bar Button Action') is specific to each Click Bar making the existing binds only work with that ClickBar although the rest of the action is the same. Also, D, not possible as there is no Action to modify a button to disappear, only change its color/image/text and even making if I made it be blank with no image/background/text it would still have its border (from the table) and it would still have the button useable although not visible leading to accidentally click it.

The question - Is my logic correct and I need to go the long haul and start a new one from Scratch or deal with always have the 4th listed?

Thank you, siege