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Click bar setup for different toons

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Click bar setup for different toons

I have set up my click bar sets for my team in Everquest 2, and they work great. but now I would like to play a different type of healer and I don't need to load a certain set of bars.
Is there a way I can load , lets say 3 out of 4 sets of bars... instead of the full 4 sets? Can I disable one, or do I need to make a new profile for all this?

To explain a bit further, there is a healer subclass in EQ2 that is called a Defiler. Defilers have heals, and wards... and I have one bar for each of those, a group heal bar, and a cure status bar... I want to play another healer type that doesn't use wards.

Thanks in advance! :)



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Post Thu Jun 25, 2020 8:12 pm

Re: Click bar setup for different toons

If you are loading via assignment of the clickbar to a character set. No as it will load for all characters in the set, as it is essentially the same as a mapped key with a target of the character set.

If you load bars via a mapped key and an action, you can set a Target, so they only load on specific characters. The easiest way to manage this is an Action Target Group. https://isboxer.com/wiki/Action_Target_Group
This can be executed automatically by using the option on the character set to execute a mapped key on load/reload.

As a general rule, set this to run on Window:Current, and have the targets in the executing mapped key take care of what gets loaded, and to whom.


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Post Thu Jun 25, 2020 9:03 pm

Re: Click bar setup for different toons

Hi Bob, thanks for the quick reply! 8-)
I am pretty sure I am using the former of the two ways you mentioned, as I used your advanced click bar healing tutorial.

SO I would need to set it to load on a specific character in the set? or does it load on a "per character in my group" basis
If it is the former, I could have it load based on which healer I load in my set, right?
If it is the latter, than I assume this would be a pain since I do use the click healing when i am tanking with another character in my team.

So what I ended up doing instead, was making an in-game Inner Space click bar set named for each of my healers, and created mapped key for click bar state to load that set, and in the character set, i set the healer slot to "when i switch to this character... do this mapped key
Works great!

Thanks again! :)

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