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STO Fleet (Federation)

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STO Fleet (Federation)

Hi anyone has or is in a Fleet in STO that doesn't mind boxers ?
I started my own Fleet currently and will try to develop it but if someone has something more advanced i would love to join.

Currently boxing 1 Eng (Caitian Atrox Carrier) 2 Tac (Jem'Hadar Dreadnought Carrier/Voth Bastion Flight-Deck Cruiser) 2 Sci (Advanced Obelisk Carrier/Tholian Recluse Carrier)


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Re: STO Fleet (Federation)

I don't have a fleet currently either and i'm thinking of returning once again after a year of not playing, but I'm not sure what i want to roll this time around.

Last time I did 5x Romulan Science, but Romulans are REALLY squishy and not worth flying in my opinion. Sure, it can be nifty to combat-stealth sometimes but more often than not you need that extra durability that you just don't get with Romulans. (ie: every major Group instance is a time-challenge essentially, and stealthing away to heal just doesn't work well more than half the time).

I thought about doing 5x Engineers this time, but then I'm pretty sure i'd have a rough time doing ground attack missions without all the AOE healing from Science Outfits. Did they make gear kits (eng/tact/science kits) universal now or can only Engineering Officers still only use Engineering kits? I for some reason though they changed that awhile ago.

:mrgreen: Let me know how your mix and match team goes. I've always wanted to put down mass-shield gens + mass cannon turrets on that Borg Queen boss fight and see how that goes. Simply AOE-healing yourself with 5x Science never really worked out for my rommies last year.


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Re: STO Fleet (Federation)

Hello Fellows to anyone who is interested in a Fleet pleas search ingame for "Taskgroup Alpha Centauri" I will wellcome all Multiboxer to my tiny fleet

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