Post Sun Jul 31, 2016 1:11 pm

Helpful Macros

I see no one has even posted anything on this thread, so no idea if anyone using isboxer is even playing this now. I haven't been active in the game since chapter 3 which was several years ago. I do check in from time to time since I still have a couple of old guildies there. I decided to play it again while waiting for legion, and thought I'd give multiboxing a go. I had a hell of a time since I am so new to multiboxing, and was pretty cluless how it all worked. I have only multiboxed in wow, and everything is so much easier with the addon. I read the forums here, and saw that three years ago people were unable to get simple follow and assist macros to work. I did some web browsing and found this macro for a simple follow command: /script FollowUnit("party1"); I like this one because it makes my slaves follow my dedicated tank. To actually make my slaves attack my masters primary target I found I needed a three part macro which I made that looked like this: /script AssistUnit("party1"); /script AssistUnit("target"); /cast (Spell); I know this is basic stuff for more advanced users, but it was a great learning lesson for a newbie like myself. I'm assuming this is the general idea of what is going on under the hood of the addon for WoW.