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Join us! Stream, Content, Community, Code, Support Teams!

Our LavishQuest system is being retired! Out with the old, in with the new!

Join all the ISBoxer Teams you want as a recruit!

Accepted and active ISBoxer Team volunteers can earn free Lavish subscription time and other rewards! Paid opportunities are often available, and will be offered to/discussed with the appropriate ISBoxer Team -- so if you'd like some side income, make sure to join the team so we know you're interested!

  • Stream Team: The ISBoxer Stream Team consists of ISBoxer streamers. Together we will improve the ISBoxer streaming community! Stream Team streamers can also earn giveaway Lavish Time Codes and other promotions for their viewers. If you regularly stream with ISBoxer, you should be a Stream Team recruit
  • Community Team: The ISBoxer Community Team is a group of multiboxing community members and leaders who want to help manage, improve and grow our community! We want to encourage participation in the community, by making it better, by being good examples, and by spreading the word appropriately. Some things various Community Team members do include forum and social media posts, admin/moderation of forums and Discord, social media and other multiboxing communities, and even planning and running events for multiboxers (such as Multiboxing Boot Camp). If you spend a lot of time on ISBoxer Discord, posting on the forums, Facebook multiboxing groups and other multiboxing communities, maybe you should be a Community Team recruit!
  • Support Team: The ISBoxer Support Team is a group of googlers, ISBoxer experts, Windows experts and explainers/hand-holders that are good at helping people get started multiboxing, configure different things in ISBoxer, and/or troubleshoot different sorts of problems. If this sounds like you, maybe you should join our Support Team as a recruit! The support team regularly handles these tasks in the ISBoxer Discord, the ISBoxer Chat Room (now bridged with Discord) and on the ISBoxer forums.
  • Content Team: The ISBoxer Content Team is a group of writers, artists, designers, memers, screenshotters, bloggers, videographers, podcasters, radio voices and other creative types that can produce content for the multiboxing community. If you're good at these things and might like to be good at them with us, maybe you should join the Content Team as a recruit!
  • Code Team: The Code Team is a group of software developers and testers who want to code things for multiboxers, such as Addons for games that support them (WoW and others), in-game macros for games that support them (e.g. in EQ1, useful "Socials" for multiboxing), scripts for ISBoxer and Modules for ISBoxer 2. Aside from in-game macro systems, useful languages for Code Team members include (not limited to) C++, C#, JavaScript, LavishScript, Lua, PHP.

Interested? To join:
  1. Start by joining ISBoxer Discord -- Discord is a text/voice chat website/app, and we generally make heavy use of text channels.
  2. Once there, see the #join_us channel (under the ISBoxer Teams heading) for instructions.
  3. After joining, you'll gain access to #support_team, #content_team, #stream_team, #community_team, and/or #code_team channels. Read the pinned (first) message and introduce yourself, then stay and chat with the team and recruits!

Thanks! :)