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ISBoxer and World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2018 12:35 pm
by lax
Good news everyone!

Inner Space and ISBoxer both received updates today for the World of Warcraft BFA pre-patch.

Relevant changes for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth
World of Warcraft 8.0 removes the 32-bit version of wow.exe -- there is no longer a wow-64.exe, wow.exe is just 64-bit. With Inner Space build 6294 or later, any Game Profile that points to a wow-64.exe that no longer exists will now automatically launch wow.exe instead. Additionally, Inner Space build 6294 removes the "Use same-bit game clients" option from Inner Space entirely. This option was originally used to prevent crash issues, but those issues have since been fixed, and WoW was the only game this setting applied to anyway; therefore as the option no longer does anything, it's gone!

World of Warcraft 8.0 removes DirectX 9, and will use DirectX 12 by default. Inner Space does not yet support DirectX 12. With Inner Space build 6294 or later, DirectX 12 is disabled, and World of Warcraft will automatically use DirectX 11. DirectX 12 support will come soon, but this will ensure everyone can launch their ISBoxer Character Sets until then!

World of Warcraft 8.0 updates the WoW Interface versions, making ISBoxer Addon "Out of Date"
ISBoxer 42.6.0717.1 updates the ISBoxer Addon version to match the WoW 8.0 interface update.

How to update?
To update Inner Space to build 6294 or later, make sure all processes launched by IS are closed (including game launchers, game instances, etc), then close and restart Inner Space to let it patch up.
To update ISBoxer Toolkit to 42.6.0717.1 or later, you can close and restart ISBoxer Toolkit to receive the update notification with an update button. Alternatively, you can also download ISBoxer from the web site, and install over your existing ISBoxer installation, and it will leave your existing configuration untouched (same as the update).

I heard something like auto-follow is disabled in Battle for Azeroth?
World of Warcraft 8.0 disables auto-follow when in PVP combat when War Mode is enabled. The change does not affect auto-follow when not in PVP combat, or when War Mode is disabled. This change also does not affect Interact with Target. Non-PVP multiboxing is completely unaffected.

We believe this change is expected to mitigate the problem of large scale multiboxing on world PVP combat, by making it more risky (and possibly very difficult) for this type of multiboxer to move his team together. We fully expect small-scale multiboxing to remain popular in War Mode!

Considering that in prior expansions, auto-follow was completely disabled in Battlegrounds (ugh!), and then completely disabled in Ashran (ugh!), we welcome this change in approach!