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Troubleshooting game launches after Inner Space build 6258

This is intended to help people who are having issues launching their game, for example the game freezes/hangs instead of fully launching, or crashes, etc.

The reason this happens is generally due to a compatibility issue with other software you also have running on your PC.

Help us correct the issue
We are working to resolve any of these kinds of issues, and may need information from you in order to resolve it.

To get this information for us, we want "Compatibility Diagnostics" from ISBoxer's Help menu, from a running instance of the game -- instructions and info at; we can review a paste of this information and possibly correct the issue.

If the game is freezing at launch time, "Trace Diagnostics" from the frozen process may be useful in resolving your issue. This type of diagnostics can be e-mailed to me directly at, or sent to me via Discord (find me via ISBoxer Discord If Trace Diagnostics does not work, Task Manager (on newer versions of Windows) has a "Create dump file" which can create a much larger file that you can compress and send instead.

Things you can try!
... after getting us Compatibility Diagnostics, here are things you can try on your own to work around the issue.

First, Inner Space build 6258 has a setting called "Inner Space Loader aggressiveness" that may work around the problem for you. Right click Inner Space in the system tray (notification area) and select Configuration to find this option, and try setting it to Minimum. After changing this setting, click Apply and try launching again.
Note that "Default" is usually the same as "Standard".

If this option does not help you you can choose to try a build from the Inner Space archives at (Instructions and downloads at this link.)
1. Build 6255 is the previous Live build, if you were using ISBoxer without issue until Inner Space updated, you can probably revert to this build
2. Build 6200 is the oldest build that will work with WoW 7.3+
3. Most supported games other than WoW 7.3+ will work with Build 6180

Reported Issues
  • DisplayFusion 8 may require "Minimum" Loader aggressiveness setting; Updating to DisplayFusion 9 works with Default/Standard
  • Inner Space build 6258 may currently have an issue with Avast! Anti-Virus preventing game launches (all aggressiveness settings) -- work is in progress on fixing this issue