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ISBoxer Bundle installer replaced!

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ISBoxer Bundle installer replaced!

A few weeks ago, we updated the main Lavish Software web server, and along with it came updated requirements for secure network connections. Unfortunately, these new requirements broke our ISBoxer Bundle installer and the ISBoxer update checker. The ISBoxer update checker has been fixed, requiring a manual update, but we found the installer framework (NSIS) used by the ISBoxer Bundle to be lacking a reliable way to securely download the pieces to install. A temporary workaround to the ISBoxer Bundle installer was able to work with the updated networking, but failed for unknown reasons for some people, and still others reported false positive virus detections with Windows Defender.

We now have ... ISBoxer Downloader :)

New users should have a much smoother experience, with the "Registration" and "Activate Inner Space" steps now built into the downloader as part of the installation process. There's even a button (after installation) that can take you to the Quick Start guide. :)

The new downloader is available on the ISBoxer.com main page, but here is a direct link: https://www.lavishsoft.com/downloads/mods/ISBoxer_Downloader.exe


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Re: ISBoxer Bundle installer replaced!

Very nice.


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Re: ISBoxer Bundle installer replaced!

Thanks for this update, so far seems to work great!

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