Post Thu Mar 10, 2011 1:43 pm

About ISBoxer releases

As of now, I'm making a little change to ISBoxer version numbering. It's always been "ISBoxer 38" and "ISBoxer 38 Minor Update #2" and so on, with several "ninja updates" between the pushed updates.

Here's the new ISBoxer version numbering system and update policy, since this wasn't really clear before and was somewhat lacking.

ISBoxer version numbers now have 4 components (as is fairly standard these days):
1. The Major version, being the 38 in "ISBoxer 38". This has previously been referred to as the ISBoxer "Build" number, and that was relatively accurate in the first few months at least as far as publicly-released builds. This number goes up when there's major changes to the ISBoxer concepts or interface. When a Major version change is released, you get the helpful update notice when restarting ISBoxer Toolkit.
2. The Minor version, being the 2 in "ISBoxer 38 Minor Update #2". This number goes up when there's a package of fixes to ISBoxer within the same Major version, which affect enough ISBoxer users to warrant a pushed update, but does not include any Major feature changes. When a Minor version change is released, you get the helpful update notice when restarting ISBoxer Toolkit.
3. The Build date (MDD, or MMDD), where January 1st is 101, today (March 10) is 310, December 31 is 1231. The year is always the year the Major.Minor version was released. These updates are usually only useful to a very small portion of the user base (for example, if a person reports an error message in the ISBoxer Toolkit that I need to fix) or otherwise insignificant. There may be several new Builds available between Minor updates, sometimes without mention depending on the changes.
4. The Revision number on that date. This number increases when there is a new Build on the same date.

The build number as of this edit is now 38.2.313.1.

The full version number is now available in the "About ISBoxer Toolkit" window (available in the Help menu), and on the file Properties for "ISBoxer Toolkit.exe". If you don't have this About option in the Help menu, you can safely assume that you do not have the very latest version of ISBoxer.

The About window also shows the Latest Version number as of 38.2.313.1. If the Latest Version is newer than you have (at any level down to the Revision), there will be a download link there for you. This is refreshed when you open the About window, so it should always be current information.