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Joe Multiboxer: multiboxing without Input Broadcasting

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Joe Multiboxer: multiboxing without Input Broadcasting

As you may have heard if you're not living under a rock, World of Warcraft now issues warnings and/or account suspensions or bans for using "software intended for input broadcasting" -- such as ISBoxer and Inner Space, along with others.

As you can imagine, I dropped everything else I was working on, and started to work on a new product that can take advantage of ISBoxer's best features, minus any capabilities to send input to the game (or otherwise broadcast input). As Joe Multiboxer contains no such feature set that can send input to the game, it is certainly not "software intended for input broadcasting". :)

Joe Multiboxer is a complete replacement for Inner Space and ISBoxer -- containing none of the original Inner Space files that Blizzard might be interested in detecting.

Joe Multiboxer is programmable multiboxing software, with a system for addons (called Agents -- it works because your agent does it for you) that works similar to WoW Addons -- drop in a folder and off you go.

Joe Multiboxer is designed to be fast and easy to use -- an average Joe can multibox with Joe Multiboxer!

Best of all, a pre-release ("early access") version of Joe Multiboxer is available right now to all Lavish Software subscribers!

Visit https://joemultiboxer.com for up to date information!

Download and Install
  • Main download: https://www.lavishsoft.com/downloads/Lavish.JMB.exe
    • Download and run the installer. Then launch Joe Multiboxer using the icon placed on your desktop. It will download some files to complete the installation process.
  • Supplemental download (get this too!): "Basic Core" agents
    • The Basic Core agents link has a list of their features and instructions, along with a list of default hotkeys!
    • Download the latest release zip and extract the desired Agent folders into C:\Program Files (x86)\Joe Multiboxer\Agents\ (or to your custom install location). Re-launch Joe Multiboxer after installing new Agents.

Here's what the Joe Multiboxer\Agents folder should look like with the Basic Core Agents installed!

Getting Started
1. To get started, use "Add Game" from the right-click Joe Multiboxer menu; this should be familiar to most ISBoxer users.
2. For World of Warcraft, drag either wow.exe or wowclassic.exe to the Add Game window, or use the ... button to navigate to one.
3. Open the main Joe Multiboxer window by double-clicking the JMB icon in the system tray (notification area) and find its Basic Launcher window
4. Select the Game and number of instances to launch, then click the "Launch" button to launch your team

After the windows are all launched, the Basic Global Hotkeys will automatically be assigned (Ctrl+Alt+1, Ctrl+Alt+2, Ctrl+Alt+3, and so on). Switching windows (by any method) will activate the Window Layout.

That's all you need, to get started multiboxing with Joe Multiboxer!

Join us on the ISBoxer/JMB Discord for news (under #jmb_news) and general discussion (under #jmb_general)!

And a note to developers: We are continuing to work on documenting Joe Multiboxer's API and providing examples, tutorials, etc. Come see us on Discord if you're interested in tinkering with Joe Multiboxer!


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Re: Joe Multiboxer: multiboxing without Input Broadcasting

Perfect timing for Shadowlands launch. This is awesome! You are awesome! Now we just need some sweet MiRai getting started vids and we will be all set. <3

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