Post Sat Feb 29, 2020 1:05 pm

ISBoxer 2 Development Update - February 2020

Alright, first things first. I was hoping to have ISBoxer 2 in beta by now and it's not. Sorry! Between this and life, I've had a lot to do ..

Since the last development update, I actually have revamped the ISBoxer 2 GUI. Here's a few screenshots I shared in Discord:


If you've seen the old GUI you'll probably notice the distinct lack of a long list of icons on the left side. That navigation has been replaced with the drop-down at the top, which makes the whole GUI feel a lot cleaner and more minimal.

(Note: the gray bar thing in the middle of the top is from my debugger, it is not part of the ISBoxer 2 gui ;) )


This week I've finally got it ready enough again for a small handful of staff and alpha testers to give it a quick run through, so we're almost where I wanted to be.

While working on that, I've also been developing (and teasing) a new ISBoxer 2 Module that will make good use of all the new features, to change everything about how you look at configuring and using ISBoxer. The idea is to make it easy to set up and play all of your different characters, in a simple and elegant way. I've got most of the work in place for the initial version, and during beta we'll make sure to make any necessary changes for it to meet its mark. I'm planning to have this module available when ISBoxer 2 Beta is here. That's all you get to know about it so far! 8-)

So I missed the February target, but it's totally worth the wait. Beta is coming! :twisted: