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Crash issues

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Crash issues

Hi everyone,

I have been using ISboxer for a few weeks. After fiddling around with a 3man group i decided to switch to 5 accounts so i could do dungeons in my own speed without having to bother with PUGS (i absolutely hate pugs...).

I leveled my orc squad from 0-45 without any problem. At times I did 4-6 dungeons in 1 sitting. For the past 2 days however i am having major issues. Decided to clean my computer... that helped! It was very dusty so yeh.
I launched and within 10 mins i had 1 client crash. Ok.. that can happen. relogged... went into dungeon finder.. Stratholme main gate. Awesome!! i love stratholme! always loved strat. I wiped 3 times on the first 3 mob groups...
My healer client kept crashing.Kinda odd but ok. I turned the graphics of ALL clients from 7 to 3. That would do it! crashed again...and again. 2 then?? No luck.

Tried to go to the forums and see if i could find info. Saw a video of miraj on how to monitor your system etc. I tweaked some settings on the MSI gaming center to make sure the system wouldn't overheat (figured that was the problem).
Temp is 40-45C with all 5 clients on in dungeon.

from 1-45 i cant recall ever even having some screen lag and played on higher settings than i done now. Turned on dx11 legacy which seems to help a bit. Turned off all the fancy stuff (most was disabled already at setting 2)

I wonder if i am overlooking anything. If it is bad connection that makes IS timeout, update on blizzard's end, update of the pc or something. The weather maybe...Currently the air is a bit musty/stuffy out here. I can imagine if the air
quality is crappy maybe it affects a system as well.

Does anyone have an idea what could be the cause? Or is it just time for a new pc? ((new one is 2 months away still))

EDIT: Bought this PC a year ago. seems to be a GPU issue. was just playing BFV and screen hang twice. that didnt happen before. sucks =/


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Re: Crash issues

JasonWoW wrote:EDIT: Bought this PC a year ago. seems to be a GPU issue. was just playing BFV and screen hang twice. that didnt happen before. sucks =/

It could simply be a driver issue, and I'd suggest either reverting if you've updated, or update if you're behind.

Once you figure out the hardware issue, you can look at this page on the Wiki to learn about some ways to increase performance, if necessary. http://isboxer.com/wiki/HOWTO:Tweak_your_framerate


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Re: Crash issues

Not sure what it is. Had a new PC in the planning before this happened. It is a small case so cooling is pretty bad in their. OVerheating might be the case just dont understand why it was running before without a hitch. i know you said in one of your videos "what does 'fine' mean if the system works at 90%". Any small change can screw it up then. Fps isnt a problem at all. I just find it very curious where i brought settings WAY down, throw MSI afterburner on for GPU fans and MSI Gaming Center for GPU fans the only change i notice is the noise of the system :D Crashes happen in 3 man groups too apparently.

Updates i did AFTER the crashes happened to see if updates would solve it.

PC i currently have.

Thanks for the reply though. see what i can do to affect the current status. Long weekend..wanted to reach 60. thent his crap happens >.>

EDIT: wanted to try a new teamsetup and was looking for ISboxer in the start menu. icon wasnt there and could only find the downloader. Searched in explorer, couldnt find the program. Reinstalled isboxer... wonder if this is what is causing problems.
EDIT2: nope.cool morning, launched IS. launched team1. all was fine. enter dungeon. first mob group 2 clients drop. Dont know what the issue is. overheating isnt. Clueless what the issue is now. In open world it takes longer it seems to drop. Almost seems if combat triggers the drop. Currently client 2 and 5 drop mostly. they are the first at least which results in a wipe on trashmobs. 2 is my healer and 5 is nr2 dps. Shammy is 4 which is the 3rd client to drop.
EDIT3: Decided to reinstall graphics driver using Geforce Experience. Hunter dropped while redoing druid macroes. Wanted to reroll the drivers but option was grayed out. Uninstalled the graphics card all together and downloaded the previous driver manually. "The NVIDIA graphics driver is not compatible with this version of windows" wtf?? Legit windows, no hacked version (thank you g2play). Removing nvidia all together and then will try to reinstall the driver i want manually.
EDIT4: Nope.Standing in orgrimmar idling and client2 just closes. no disconnenct mind you. totally gone. No signs of overheating or anything. Must admit i am tempted to reinstall WoW. don't really know what the issue could be. Thought it was the GPU. drivers dont seem to be the case. Client2 is the one that always closes the first so i wonder if something is wrong with settings in that. Then again...everything is setup the same.

Any ideas would be welcome. Otherwise there is no other sollution then to wait 2 months or so for the new pc and see how that goes.

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