Post Mon Nov 20, 2017 7:52 pm

Multiple Client Lag (Eve Online)

Hey guys,

I have an Area 51 Alienware PC with 3 graphics cards that up until a few months ago ran fine with 11 simultaneous clients on Innerspace. The game is Eve Online.

At some point in that time, I started getting periodic client freezes on the client that's on the main pane. The freezes last a few seconds and then the game resumes, frame rate effectively drops to 0 during that time.

Now, I used the Eve Launcher without Innerspace and fired up all 12 clients and no lag at all. There's something going on with how information is being passed from Eve to Innerspace to my screen. Any thoughts?

I have all performance settings at 100% including the cores setting after registry merge. No effect. It works fine without Innerspace, I get periodic client freezes when using Innerspace.