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Introduction & Shout Out

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Introduction & Shout Out

Hey Folks,

I'm Nax. I've played WoW off-and-on since it launched in 2004, and dabbled with 5-boxing back in BC (~2009). A few weeks ago, I ran across a multiboxer in BFA and after having a nice chat with her decided to give it another go. I jumped right in with a semi-mixed group [1 pally x 4 shaman], which is where I left off before. Last night, at Level 15 (thru 21) I did Deadmines and Ragefire Chasm successfully. It was a blast.

I want to give a big shout out to MiRai. Your 1on1 video series have been hugely helpful! After playing last night, I got to your "ISBoxer 42 — Application, Demonstration, and Gameplay — One-on-One w/ MiRai" and your review of mixed teams was perfect after muscling through on my own your tips made perfect sense. I seriously geeked out :-D Since you mentioned the silent masses, I wanted to give you a shoutout, that your videos have been hugely helpful in getting me up and running.

Thanks everyone. Glad to be here.



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Re: Introduction & Shout Out

Very cool - Glad to hear that my videos are helping. Image

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