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[WoW] Returning to the game - IWT issue

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Returning to the game - IWT issue

TL;DR Having an issue with IWT last 2 paragraphs sums it up.

Hi as the title states I am back on Wow after an 8 year hiatus.

I used to multibox 5 elemental shamans and 5 Demo Locks back in Vanilla and TBC.

So I'm back and naturally wanted to get back into multiboxing.

I don't do things by halves so my first team back this time round is an all goblin group (I like the smaller character size when I'm managing a team as they don't block line of sight like my Tauren team used to.

I've went with:

Protection Warrior
Frost Mage
Demo warlock
Elem Shaman
Rest Shaman

I have them all setup now ISBoxer using the pro setup (Big thanks to Mirai for his video series) and after some false starts and hiccups I have them all working have GAOE setup with cursor sync, round robin taunts, stuns and interupts etc.

Created a click bar for healing with soul stone buttons.

My only issue seems to be with IWT I can have this setup so they all run towards a target which is great for handing in quests etc but when I tried to duplicate this to only affect my Warrior as he is only melee on team they either all move or none and I can't seem to work out which step will only make warrior stay on target.

It means currently I am forced to use my Warrior as my lead screen but I would prefer to be back line giving me a better view of what's happening to whole team.


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Re: Returning to the game - IWT issue

Share your profile and tell us which Mapped Key you're having issues with.


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Re: Returning to the game - IWT issue

Just found another of you videos that I have not seen before I think this may solve my issue (you have helped me a million times so far think I have rewatched about 40 videos to get full understanding)


Based on your title I am hoping this will resolve instead of wasting your time on here I'll see if pre-recorded you can sort it for me :D

I'll post back either way if it works. Wasn't too much of an issue for me 1-40 but alot more dungeons have mechanics where I was melee and ranged kept apart easier now.


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Post Wed Sep 26, 2018 1:51 pm

Re: Returning to the game - IWT issue

I had correctly done everything from looking at your video apart from the very last step.

I had not added into the "Assist Me" Mapped Key to use the melee only IWT I had created it works perfectly now with the extra action added.

All my characters are still assisting the target but only tank actually moves towards them.

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