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Noob config help plz

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Noob config help plz


I'm trying to set up gathering in Wow according to the you tube video by Mirai(sp), and am having the issue where the pvp pane pops up when I try to do the mouse over interaction with nodes. From what I've found, I know it's likely the modifier being dropped, but for the life of me I'm not seeing how to correct that. I know I'm likely in a pool, looking for water, but I just can't see it for some reason. I'm trying to have "interact on mouse over" bound to Ctrl-mouse wheel up,, and it is in game, on both accounts, but I've missed a link somewhere in the config I guess. Any help is much appreciated.




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Re: Noob config help plz

In your custom mapped key for CTRL+MwheelUp, you seem to be trying to send SHIFT+H, and expect ISBoxer to receive it. You can't have ISBoxer send a keystroke to itself.
It doesn't show that in the video.

If you want your setup to work like the video, put the CTRL+MousewheelUp hotkey on the ISB42 - Always On, Activate Mouse Repeat mapped key.

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