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Trigger Specific Slave Ability

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Trigger Specific Slave Ability

I know about Round-Robin and it works fine for when I'm 5x of the same class.

Right now I'm trying to box 5x different classes. For the most part, I have a GSE macro on mousescroll-up and the dps rotation is fine.

However, I want to have some way to trigger a specific slave to use an ability (without swapping the current window). The ways I've determined to do this:

1) Setup a hotkey for each slave (i.e shift+1 to broadcast '1' for slot 2, alt+1 to broadcast '1' to slot3, etc or some other mod+key to send a key to a specific slot)

2) Use a repeater region. I already have it for clique and my heal slave, setup a region perslave so I could just move the mouse into a region and trigger an ability for that slave either via clique or a keypress (while blocking the key press to current window / other slaves)

3) Toggle - setup a hotkey toggle per slot and action group to add/remove that slot. For example if i were to use F1-F5, if I press F5, slot 5 would be added to some action group and the hotkeys / broadcast would be setup so only slot 5 would recieve the broadcast.

(3) is similar to (1) . (1) seems better for a single action while (3) seems better if I'm going to need to send multiple actions to the slave. (2) requires mouse movement and may not be great if I want to select a new target than have a specific slot# perform an action on that target while all the other slaves stay on the current target (i.e have the mage poly morph and then have a paladin stun)

I'm looking to see if there is another better or ways to improve these. I'm leaning towards (3), I can bind each toggle to some hotkey and use my mouse to trigger the hotkey, then I can have that slave perform a series of actions then toggle back to the master (while staying on the mast screen). A key note, the keys/hotkeys that'll be related to this toggle action will be seperate than the current hotkey I use to perform my various GSE macros for dps/tank rotations.


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Re: Trigger Specific Slave Ability


It depends on whether you want that slave to run those things individually while everyone else stands around waiting for them to get on with it, or if they will be doing other things at the same time.

If the latter, then create a mapped key, and add multiple actions to it, and send those actions to different targets.

Maybe the Mapped Key primer would be of use here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lzHM_SmFvk

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