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broken keymap

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Post Sat Aug 04, 2018 10:01 pm

broken keymap

My keymap won't load the VFX viewers into the Dxnothing slots.

https://ybin.me/p/5244a61200eb1fa1#6JaZ ... 9x76A3D4Y=

I followed this tutorial then adapted it for a corner layout:


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Post Sun Aug 05, 2018 4:37 am

Re: broken keymap

As was mentioned in discord, you have no Key Maps assigned to your character set. If you have no key maps assigned, then no mapped keys are loaded for the character set, so when you tell it to execute a mapped key, and it looks to see whether one is loaded, the loaded list is empty so it does nothing.

One of the key maps that is normally loaded is the Always On. It is usually the one which includes the Activate Maps toggle which loads/unloads other Key Maps. There is no special magic to this one, because if you remove that one, then you also remove the ability to load/unload other Key Maps.

In your case you've removed all the normal key maps, so are only left with the option of Assigning them to your character set (or characters if you prefer individual assignments), to get them loaded when you start the character set.

To do so, select the Character Set in the top left, in the lower left select Key Maps, and then in the lower right, select and highlight the Key Maps you want to load up and enable with your character set.

Export to InnerSpace to take effect.


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Post Sun Aug 05, 2018 1:13 pm

Re: broken keymap

I was confused because it was in the window, but it had to be highlighted to work.

I lost all of my keymaps when I did a file>clear. I uninstalled and reinstalled ISBoxer, and they still didn't come back. I even tried again, restarting my computer after the uninstallation and deleting the remaining files in Program Files. That's why I made the Custom keymap. Is there a way to get those back?

edit- I figured it out, I ran a wizard which restored them.

Now the viewers don't show up until I click the dxNothing slot. When I do that, they show up. I have my hotkey set to left mouse click, and when I click a viewer it switches to main area to it, and the dxNothing slot goes black. I have to click the dxNothing area again to make it switch back on. If I click on the dxNothing slot over and over again, the viewers turn on and off, on and off. If I click on the other dxNothing slot for the right side of the screen, the bottom one goes black. Profile:
https://ybin.me/p/706a9286e5864ccc#aIoI ... G5hIsaLAA=

Figured it out: videofx viewers stay when in background checkbox

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