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I am trying to multibox a mobile game!

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I am trying to multibox a mobile game!

Hello i remember this multiboxer from when i played wow i never got that much into multiboxing though however i now have an i9 7900x
Anyway i am trying to either mouse map on multiple screens of an android emulator called Memu if i cannot mouse map i would like to atleast be able to push a key down and it gets mapped on all 9 of the memu instances i have up

The closest thing i have gotten to this is ICUE which is my corsair macro manager and all it can do is map the click then key then click then key and so on but its incredibly buggy and doesn't always select all windows over time I'm hopeful i can find a solution here if it works I'm happy to pay for a year hell lifetime!


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Re: I am trying to multibox a mobile game!

The Supported Games wiki page says the following.
Android Emulators are not currently compatible with ISBoxer/Inner Space.

If your emulator is a DirectX application or OpenGL, then maybe. It would be the first known emulator to do so. They are mostly not though as Android does not tend to use those libraries for graphics, and emulators don't bother trying to emulate via those libraries as the native device does not use them.

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