Post Sat Nov 21, 2009 2:36 pm

HOWTO: Share your configuration for better support

In many cases, when you are looking for help it is extremely helpful to the people trying to help you to have a copy of your ISBoxer configuration. This way, they can load your configuration in ISBoxer and see what you are trying to do.

To share your configuration via Copy+Paste: (includes option to censor account names)
It is not advised to paste your configuration directly into forums due to size constraints.
1. Right click on "ISBoxer" at the top of the ISBoxer software, and select "Copy ISBoxer Toolkit Profile to Clipboard" from the menu. DO NOT open the XML file and copy it instead (this typically results in invalid XML). Note: you can anonymize it, but it is preferable that you do not exclude sections as most of them are needed for troubleshooting.
2. Go to or or (or another if you have a preference, but it needs to have a RAW output format) and paste your configuration there. Some sites may limit the amount of time this information will be kept on their server, so make sure to pick a time limit that is long enough to get help.
3. Share the link!

To share your configuration via file attachment: (your account names will not be censored)
1. Save your ISBoxer Profile -- usually to the default location
2a. If you used Save and saved your ISBoxer profile to the default location, attach the file ISBoxerToolkitProfile.XML from your Inner Space folder
2b. If you used Save As and saved your ISBoxer profile to a custom location, attach the file you saved