Post Sat Mar 21, 2020 6:10 am

Specific characters stop attacking

I am not great at this but will I try to describe my problem as good as I can.

My setup:
2 Desktop PC's + 1 Laptop
All on the same network. 100MB/s fiber connection.

Note: I have recently bought a new PC and replaced 1 of the desktops, but I've had the same problem with the old one.
Note2: Had a different internet connection before - 20MB/s DSL. Same problem was occurring.

Bartender, SUF, GSE, EMA, FasterLoot, Dejunk, Bagnon.

The problem
I have upgraded from playing with 24 chars to 32 chars and then I started running in to this problem.

While playing WoW, specific characters which were created recently, at random, stop attacking and I cannot use their abilities. Whether I try to click on them or use keyboard shortcuts.
I use GSE macro on all chars to go through targets and attack with different abilities.
It is always the same characters. (The newer ones)
It happens on all of the computers.
When the problem happens they will stop attacking but will continue to cycle through targets like they are supposed to.
It usually takes 1 hour or so, of playing, before the problem starts happening.

Current solution
Re-logging those specific characters helps, but as they do not stop working all at the same time, it's not very effective way of dealing with it.

Thank you in advance.