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Group Stance

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Group Stance

Is there a way to switch the keymaps/profile by pressing a button? Conceptually would be to change the "stance" of the entire group from a 1tank, 1 healer, 3dps group to a 5 dps group. Ex: the healer reacts only to healing keystrokes and ignores dps keys while in dungenon stance but starts casting dps spells in 5 dps stance. Imagine 5 druids engages as 5 cats and then by pressing 1 button the keystrokes/macros for 2 of them are totally diferent that the 3 cats left. This way of categorizing spells/keystrokes can also be expanded into traveling, crafting, retreating stanes....

Thank you!


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Re: Group Stance

The quick answer is yes.

The longer answer is, it takes some time to setup a profile to do that kind of thing.
Usually it is going to be necessary to configure a "pro-config", so you can then later have a "button" or 2, that can be used to change which config each toon is using.

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