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Tilt wheel / Bump wheel input is blocked

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Post Sat Mar 04, 2023 2:11 pm

Re: Tilt wheel / Bump wheel input is blocked

Btw, the behavior I mentioned above is the same regardless of whether or not XMBC is running.


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Post Sat Mar 04, 2023 4:43 pm

Re: Tilt wheel / Bump wheel input is blocked

So I've run a very simple test.

1. Install XMBC
2. Setup XMBC so my mousewheel down sends ESCAPE, and mousewheel down to be left click.
3. Setup ISBoxer to use ESCAPE (ESC) as a hotkey for a mapped key, and then translate this to a Popup Text Action to tell me what intercepts the mousewheel down action first. ISBoxer or XMBC. This will also then tell me if ISBoxer then receives the output of XMBC and acts upon it or just lets it pass through to the game.
4. Load my test setup, and mousewheel down. The popup text action ran. Tried using MWUp as a left click. That also worked.

I did not run XMBC as administrator for this test.

So, conclusion. If XMBC loaded first, and then I run the team, then XMBC gets to intercept first, and passes the output to ISBoxer, which will then either do it's own interception for any hotkey on a mapped key, or ignore it and pass it through directly to the game.

From my perspective, it all works properly.

BTW, on dev build 7093. Will test a few others.
Also tested live build 7047 and dev build 7106. Both worked.

You said it was working fine for you previously.
I suspect there is something else going on.

Did some further testing in D2R. My popup text still happens on MWDown. On MWUp the action I have XMBC doing there is Left Click. This is not intercepted by my ISBoxer config, and just flows through to the game as expected. So even in D2R rather than my usual test configs, this is working as expected.

Admittedly I don't have a 502 or a Tilt mouse (using an MXMaster). So it may be something specific to that combo, or quite possibly GHUB (which I do use for other things, just not this particular mouse).

Dragged out the ol G600 which has a wheel I can "tilt". However that shows up in XMBC as Mouse Button 4 and 5. So I don't appear to have a device to specifically test out the Tilt buttons in XMBC. Oh well.

Anyway. My advice. Check with something basic happening like I did.

Had a play with GHUB for the G600. Set the wheel left/right to be Scroll Left and Scroll Right (from the usual Back/Forward). In XMBC the left/right no longer register as button4/5, but then they don't now register as Tilt Left/Right. So looks like you really need the specific mouse to further test AND the button assignment in GHub matters!

To me it looks like the basic combination should work fine though.

OK was being dumb. MXMaster does have a thumb scroller which XMBC registeres as Tilt Left/Right (In Logitech Options it is called Horizontal Scroll)
Tested this with my basic config on D2R to verify ISBoxer interception and ISBoxer passthrough, and it all worked find too.

So, the problem does not appear to ISBoxer, D2R or XMBC, provided all those are set correctly and can recognise the relevant inputs.

And after some more playing with GHUB and the G600. It looks to me like Scroll Left/Right in GHUB should match the Tilt Left/Right in XMBC, but this is not recognised by XMBC. Perhaps this is the new behaviour that is interfering with your gameplay?

If I set the wheel left to be Scroll Up, then this is recognised by XMBC as Wheel Up. In fact if I set the wheel left/right to be any of the other things that XMBC will recognise then it works as expected. Only options in GHUB that it doesn't appear to be recognising is the Scroll Left/Right.

Call me a liar (and a slow tester). After going through and redoing the assignments in GHUB to other things and then back to Scroll Left/Right, XMBC is now picking them up correctly and as per testing performed, this all works as expected. IDK if it will all hang together after a restart, but that'll have to be later, and probably not another edit.

Anyway. As per your first post, the issue is that XMBC is not picking up the tilt inputs. From what I've seen, this is a problem between your mouse and XMBC as XMBC is getting to the input first so ISBoxer doesn't really come into it.
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Post Thu Mar 09, 2023 4:36 pm

Re: Tilt wheel / Bump wheel input is blocked

Good news! I figured out what change caused the issue. My G502 had "On-board Memory Mode" turned off at some point, probably after a software or firmware update. Turning on-board memory mode back on makes it so XMBC sees the tilt wheel inputs whether launched with ISBoxer or not.

Thank you so much for all your quick responses and diligent testing!!!

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