Post Tue Jun 30, 2020 6:00 am

Using a gamepad to trigger hotkeys

Hope eveyone's doing fine.

I would like to know if it's possible to to trigger hotkeys from a gamepad with ISBoxer.
I believe that whatI want to do is very simple, and will not use 1/10 of ISBoxer full potential.
Essentially, I'm running multiple instances of an Atari ST emulator, Steem SSE, the plan is to have a gamepad sitting next to my keyboard that would be used to switch between active windows so I can use the mouse and keyboard to work on each window at a time and most importantly to occasionally, being able to push a button on the gamepad and then send a couple of commands from the keyboard simultaneously, at the same precise time, to all instances of the active and not active windows of the emulator.
I have tried Autohotkey, which works flawlessly for say "notepad.exe" but it will not work for the application I want to use it with. It seems to me that Autohotkeys "controlsend" command messes up with something and the application will not detect any incoming hotkey.
I have been reading and watching some youtube videos, and ISBoxer seems to be capable of doing this, but unfortunately I couldn't find any information regarding other applications other than wow, diablo and other games. The setting up also isn't the most intuitive and friendly I've seen :?
I'd be gladly subscribing and paying the annual fee, but would need to be sure that ISBoxer can effectly do these few little things.
If you know I could do this with ISBoxer, is there a step by step guide somewhere you could point me to?

Thanks in advance for any help.