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Help with fps lag on alternate accounts

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Help with fps lag on alternate accounts

Hello, im currently having an issue with fps lag on alternate accounts on ISBOXER.

When i create a new character set, my fps (background fps) on the alt accounts is extremely low. I know that this is not a performance or hardware issue, cause when i launch an existing set of characters, i get perfect fps on all accounts. Im setting my Background and foreground fps to 60.

I believe this is caused cause isboxer doesnt take over my wow settings, but i cant find the option to toggle that on/off.

Again, this is only ocurring when i create a new set of characters and launch the game trough innerspace software with that file of configuration that i created. If i launch a pre-existisng one, its perfectly fine. I tried copying my existing character set and changing the characters names, but thats not the ideal solution. I would like to know whats going on in my config file that is causing this problem.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Help with fps lag on alternate accounts

ISBoxer does not "take over" your WoW settings. Those are controlled by WoW.
I'd check the in game settings to see if they all match up. Usually the Advanced Graphics options are the problem child.

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