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Warcraft Exact movement copying?

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Warcraft Exact movement copying?

I just downloaded ISBoxer and am trying to find a tutorial or if it's even possible to have characters stacked and mimic 100% of all your inputs. I tried enabling the key broadcaster and mouse broadcaster but they aren't instant and my characters de-sync. I mouse move a lot on WoW and all that when kite farming on my Mage, and wanted to know if it's possible to set it up to mimic my characters 100% in sync with keyboard and mouse.

If anyone has the answer or a tutorial video I could watch on it, would be appreciated it. I believe i've seen someone who' had 10 multiboxes all working without desync issues, just not sure how he did it and was not explain in video.


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Re: Warcraft Exact movement copying?

The answer is no.
While the keypresses and mouse movement are mimicked exactly, the problem is a problem with the 3D free look nature of the world among other things.

  • Your stack is not 100% perfect, someone has their foot slightly to the left.
  • Your toons are not on the exact same heading, everyone is at 0deg, except that one guy at 359deg.
  • Your FPS is different per window, yes, you can set the max fps to the same, but it is still variable because your PC, and your OS is not a real-time system.
  • Your movement speed is different per window, actually it might be, but it might not.
  • Due to the vaguaries of networks in general, and just, The Internet, one games data packets are not more important than another games data packets, and they may be processed in different orders to arrival, and responses sent back in different orders.
  • MMO's client/server nature of programming style, and "forgiveness", in movement recording i.e. your client moves, tells the server, and the server gives the OK, or not (and you rubberband), means that toons can move different distances even with the same input and time of input.
  • Knockbacks, stuns, and general combat mechanics can have an impact.
  • Even though the key/mouse movement and length of time of press is replicated, the way your computer time slices and processes input may mean that one game determines a shorter timeframe. This is especially true when you have more games than cores (and not even including when cores are in use by other applications or the OS).

There are probably other things that could be added to this too.

The only things that can do what you are asking for make many many many adjustments as they get updated data. They can also get you banned. Probably why it was not explained how in the video.

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